The summer educational ecological camp – 2016: new start!



In 2009 we ("Matrosovo" the East Kazakhstan youth center" Public association's team) came to Management with the idea to cover 100 children aged from 13 up to 17 years four summer educational ecological camps which last 4-5 days.



This program is still supported by "Management of Natural Resources and Regulations of Wildlife Management of the East Kazakhstan region" State Office and already the sixth year we continue to realize the "Organization of events by ecological education and education in children's rest bases during summer vacation" project for which the form of the Summer Educational Ecological Camp (SEEC) which is directed not only to rest, but also to spiritual, intellectual, physical and ecological enhancement of children is chosen.



During the summer period of 2016 2 ecological camps which general scope constituted more than 100 children who had an opportunity not only to have a rest, but also to pass the highly topical educational program of the camp were also organized.

Uniqueness of this project is as follows:



Creative component program of SEEC. Within the camp methods of uncommon approach to ecological education and education are constantly looked for.

This year we took a form of accomplishment of creative tasks. Children learn to see the nature through a lens of the camera ("Fotoquest"), to state the thoughts and judgments in newspaper genres (EcoBulletin), to reflect the thoughts through development of ecological plakt ("We will draw-will live!") to draw attention to permission of environmental problems through development and implementation of ecological actions ("EcoAction"), to light hearts through literary creativity ("To burn down with a verb …") and to apply new forms of work with peers through development and implementation of ecological games (EcoGame).



Specifics of the camp. In the camp teenagers unmask if the corresponding conditions are for this purpose created. If in regular life they are afraid of condemnation, openly stating the point of view, are afraid to seem ridiculous, are afraid to open and be fond of any idea with sincere enthusiasm, without looking back at opinion of the "pack" surrounding them. In the camp the situation cardinally changes as an environment changes, and the teenager gets support of the instructors – mentors who won't allow manifestation of antagonism and suppression of the identity of the child. That is we support by the work with children in the conditions of the camp the aspiration of the teenager to gain knowledge of ecology and to put them into practice, to speak openly about it, to inspire the example.



New forms of work. The environment of the camp is ideal as it in this case is temporarily isolated in which in an interactive game format conditions for positive perception of information can be created that it is provided with interesting forms of educational work and lack of artificial pressure upon consciousness of the child.



Customer: "Management of Natural Resources and Regulations of Wildlife Management of the East Kazakhstan region".

Contractor: "Matrosovo" the East Kazakhstan youth center" Public association



At the end of this travel children could offer own exits in the solution of environmental problems which in the form of the Memorandum from participants of the summer educational ecological camp – laid down 2016 on a table to the present manual of serious government institution - "Management of Natural Resources and Regulations of Wildlife Management of the East Kazakhstan Region" State Office. And children very much hope that adults who can make decisions now and influence the course of events will listen to them and even if it isn't possible to realize these offers, isn't real and it isn't reasonable … BUT! Let will remember that in fourteen years there is nothing impossible … Everything begins with someone's dream and sometimes the simplest idea …



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