Theinformation on performance course reforestation actions in territory of the state wood fund



In wood nurseries by state establishments in the spring of 2015 execute crops on the area of 2,8 hectares.

Presence of a landing material makes:

- annual seedlings 2195,24 thousand pieces, including standard 128,3 thousand pieces;

- two years seedlings 5629,1 thousand pieces, including standard 3092,1 thousand piece. All standard 3220,4 thousand piecealso are more senior.

Presence of a standard landing material on breeds:

-         Pine ordinary 464,5 thousand pieces;

-         Siberian fur-tree 1227,35 thousand pieces;

-         Siberian larch 143,45 thousand pieces;

-         Siberian fir 700,4 thousand pieces;

-         Bétula péndula 674,4 thousand pieces;

-         Poplar of the Kazakhstan 5 thousand piece



Cultivation for gardening of a poplar of Kazakhstan in Kurchumsky state office of forestry



Crops of Siberian fir in Top-Ubinsky state office of forestry




Fir-tree cultivation in Pikhtovsky state office of forestry




Cultivation of a pine ordinary in Riddersky state office of forestry


Landing of wood cultures in 2015 is executed on a total area of 532,9 hectares, including 520 hectares by state offices of forestry and 12,9 hectares by long-term users, acquired the right long-term using of wood. Landing is made by the two-year standard landing materials, soil preparation is executed by plough furrows, platforms.




Wood landing in Riddersky and Pikhtovsky state offices of forestry



Laying of school office of a fir-tree Siberian in Riddersky state office of forestry


Assistance measures to natural renewal of wood on a total area of 363,3 hectares, including official bodies of a forestry of 256,3 hectares and 107 hectares by long-term users of wood, acquired the right long-term using of wood on sites of the state wood fund, by a method of a mineralization of soil and preservation of young grouth on cuttings downare executed.

The acclimation rate, the created wood cultures, in a cut of breeds makes:

-        Pine ordinary 65,1 %;

-        Siberian fur-tree 74,8 %;

-        Siberian larch 59,3 %;

-        Siberian fir 86 %;

-        Bétula péndula 61,5 %;

-        Poplar of the Kazakhstan 87 %

Theaverage percent of acclimation rate makes 69 %.

Users of wood acquired the right long-term using of wood on sites of the state wood fund landing of wood cultures to a total area of 12,9 hectares is executed. The average percent acclimation rate makes 88 %.

Landing is executed in a category of the areas cutting down, glades and hessing.



Landing of forest cultures across the East Kazakhstan region from 2006 to 2015


In 2015 it is translated in the earths of wood cultures covered with wood of 277 hectares, from measures of assistance of natural renewal of wood 344,7 hectares are translated, from natural renewalis translated 918 hectares.

As a whole input of young growths in a category of valuable wood plantings makes 1539,3 hectares, of them coniferous 943 hectares.


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