The report on work of

department of forestry and especially nature protected territories



Being based on the operating wood legislation and on the branch program «Zhasyl Damu» being in Management conducting is spent by forestry Establishments constant, purposeful work on preservation and augmentation of natural riches.

·         chief of the Management repeatedly holds meetings with the invitation long-terms users of wood on wood preparation, meetings with departure in all establishments of forestry on problems using of wood with an explanation of requirements of the wood legislation and the legal commission of board of regional Office of Public Prosecutor also are held.

For the first half of the year 2015 employees of state offices of forestry and operative group of Management spend 3369 spot-checks and 1215 checks of observance of the nature protection legislation in forest conservation sphere.

259 infringements of the wood legislationare revealed. On infringers it is imposed administrative penalties for the sum of 3403,1 thousand tenge (it is collected penalties for the sum of 3028,5 thousand tenge). It is shown claims for the sum of 1571,6 thousand tenge (it is collected claims for the sum of 1063,7 thousand tenge).

Problem of vital importance of state offices of forestry is work on reproduction of woods and forestation. In 2015 landing of wood to the areas of 520 hectares, crops of seeds of the basic wood generating breeds on the area of 3,1 hectares is planned.

·         Permanent job on preventive maintenance and preventions of forest fires is spent systematic. In establishments of forestry on the basis of were FChS 13 not state fire services (NSFS) and 40 points of a concentration of fire stockto which 23 fire-engines, 20 tractors, 66 motor-pumps and other fire-prevention stock in number of 2860 pieces (crackers, shovels, penetrating agents are fixed) function.

For the purpose of operative and timely detection and suppression of forest fires it is involved telephone and mobile communication, including 528 radio stations, from them 68-stationary, 114 – mobile, 346 – portable.

From the beginning of the fire-dangerous period with a view of preventive maintenance and struggle against forest fires, and also preparation and to carrying out of a fire-dangerous season by Management together with representatives the East Kazakhstan Regional territorial inspection of a wood and hunting economy the expanded meeting with participation of directors of establishments of a forestry, representatives avia-forest protection and long-term users of wood is held following the results of fire-dangerous season of 2014 and problems on forest conservation from fires in 2015.

Similar meetings are spent in all establishments of a forestry. Lessons on training and instructing of workers of wood protection and ETD to methods and tactics of suppression of forest-steppe fires, and also observance of security measures at their suppression are conducted.

Forestry establishments make and co-ordinate with the Heads administration of cities and disrticts operating plans on suppression of forest fires;

- Notification schemes on a case of occurrence of forest fires in which  are developed involved radio telephone communication by radio stations of various type;

- On a case of occurrence and suppression of forest fires in territory of the state wood fund stocks of foodstuff, medicines are provided, and also the stock combustible lubricants in volume of 51,3 tons of petrol and 48,0 tons of diesel fuel is created;

- Contracts with users of wood-long-terms, the enterprises and the organizations adjoining with SWF, on interaction at suppression of forest fires where participation and rendering assistance in suppression of fires, with involvement of manpower resources in structure nearby 2089 persons, from among public fire associations, and also technics in number of 264 tractors, 221 motor vehicles of various kinds is planned are concluded.

Preventive and restrictive actions for the prevention of occurrence and distribution on considerable territories of forest fires are carried out, namely:

Care mineralized strips – 908,5 km;

311 notices on fire-prevention subjects are established;

It is extended leaflets – 7235 pieces;

In the organizations and educational institutionsit is spent – 4774 seminars of lectures, conversations;

By officials of management and state offices of forestry it is spent 58 articles in newspapers and magazines are published.

For the last period of 2015 in territory state owners of wood subordinated to the Head administration of the East Kazakhstan region there were 15 fires a total area of 256,55 hectares, the area covered with wood makes 16,8 hectares of them.

Principal cause of fires is steady hot weather and strong winds during the spring period.


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