Management of natural resources and regulations of wildlife management of the East Kazakhstan region for 10 months 2011 spends 4602 spot-checks and 921 check of observance of the nature protection legislation in sphere of forest conservation, fauna and a fish economy.

793 infringements (from them are revealed: infringements of the wood legislation – 570, infringements of rules of hunting – 125, infringements of rules of fishery – 98, infringements of a mode of especially protected natural territories – 0 cases). 633 physical persons, 90 officials are involved in administrative responsibility. To a criminal liability – 3 persons.

On infringers it is imposed administrative penalties for the sum of 5384,7 thousand tenge (it is collected penalties for the sum of 5455,5 thousand tenge). It is shown claims for the sum of 2753,4 thousand tenge (it is collected claims for the sum of 1810,8 thousand tenge).

215 tools of poaching are withdrawn. Including: 13 units of fire-arms, 102 networks and seines, 100 other tools of poacher catch.

For 10 months 2011 Management and establishments under control to it publish 63 materials in printing mass media, 14 performances on television and broadcasting are spent.


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