Depends on a variety of a climate and a relief, and also others formations of soil factors. Soils of plains are allocated for region's territory and soil of mountains. On plains of soil of area belong to a subboreal soil to formation zone. Dominating types of soils are: alkaline chernozems, ordinary and southern: the dark-chestnut; the chestnut; the light-brown; the brown; the gray-brown. In area smallhill prevail undeveloped and undeveloped rubbles variations of soils, on foothill plains and intermountain valleys - foothill variations. In mountain areas three soil provinces with dominating types of soils (from top to down) are allocated:

* Altay northwest (from mountain-meadow to light-brown);

* Altay southern (from mountain-tundra primitive to mountain-wood dark gray);

* Saur-Tarbagataysky (from mountain-meadow Alpine with primitive development to light-brown).

Besides, in region's territory are present intrazone (wood, meadow-chestnut dark and light, etc.) and interzonal types of soils (marsh, meadow, saline soil, etc.).


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