It is subordinated to laws: width ash values, high-rise belting, belt and intrazones.


The vegetative cover of area concerns Northern Extratropical kingdom. Vegetation kinds belong to borealis (the Uralo-Siberian formations. The Altay northwest province), steppe (the Zavolzhsky-Kazakhstan formations, the Altay southern, Saur-Tarbagataysky and Zaysansky provinces) and deserted (the Tibetan formations) to types. Following geobotanical zones with vegetative communities are allocated:

* foothill forest-steppe, feather grass-forest-steppe (feather grass-different grasses, shrubby steppes);

* foothill steppe (wormwood-Festúca valesiáca, wormwood-feather grass-Festúca valesiáca, wormwood-cereal psammophillous deserted steppes) - northern periphery of Zaysansky and Alakolsky hollows;

* deserted (steppe and typical deserts with domination xerophyles cereals) - the south of Zaysansky and Alakolsky hollows.


High-rise belting it is accurately traced in mountain areas of Altay, Saur-Tarbagatay, Kalbinsky uplands. Zones (from below upwards) are allocated:

* mountain and foothill wood-meadow-steppe (Larchs mountain woods in a combination with Cedar-Fir-Larchs thickets of bushes and steppes);

* mountain-taiga and meadow-taiga (fir mountain is dark-coniferous woods in a combination with cedar and deciduous woods, thickets of bushes and meadows, and also aspen, fir forests in a combination to thickets of bushes, pine woods);

* high-mountainous meadow (the Alpine woods and steppes in a combination to subalpine meadows of Altay and Tarbagatay, places mossy meadows with appreciable participation of green mosses and lichens);

* high-mountainous tundra (with prevalence of green mosses, lichens, participation of high floral plants, creeps shrubby and undersized shrubby forms). A cover fragmentary.


In region's territory develops and intrazone of the vegetation existing in falls of a relief in the conditions of additional humidifying or on a surface of closed hollows (inundated woods, different grasses-meadow, reed and other meadows in a combination with wormwood communities).


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