it is extremely various: to each landscape zone and a high-rise belt peculiar to the original spectrum of communities - from deserted to mountain-tundra. Some kind of a symbol of our region are a snow leopard (Irbys) and a mountain ram (argaly). They are recognized by the world community as especially valuable to global preservation of a biodiversity and demanding special protection.

The fauna of the East Kazakhstan region concerns three faunistic subareas of Hólos arktikós:

* Circumboler subarea, the European-Siberian taiga province, East mountain taiga district. The Altay site;

* the central-Asian subarea, the Kazahstan-Mongolian province. The Kazakhstan district; sites: Tarbagataysky, the Zaysansky hollow, Kazakh smallhill, East steppe, Dzhungarsky;

* the Mediterranean subarea, Iran-Turan province, Tourist's Ansky district; sites: Alakolsky, South Pribalkhashsky.

The fauna of vertebral region unites in the structure of representatives of 6 classes:

round mouthes total 2 kinds, bone fishes - 36 kinds, amphibious - 5 kinds, reptiles - 17 kinds, birds - 372 kinds, mammals - 109 kinds. As a whole across Kazakhstan Cyclostomata total 3 kinds, bone fishes - 104 kinds, amphibious - 12 kinds, reptiles - 49 kinds, birds - 448 kinds, mammals-178 kinds.


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