The short characteristic of an environment of The East Kazakhstan region


The East Kazakhstan region figuratively name "the continent compressed to a limit" - so its nature is surprisingly various. The big variety of natural complexes in territory of East Kazakhstan speaks first of all its special geographical position borders of three climatic and physical-geographical areas, and also history of development of edge. Here have incorporated Western Siberia, Central and Central Asia.

The East Kazakhstan region is located in a steppe zone, a southern subband dry Festuca valesiaca-Stipa steppes and a semidesertic zone. For area territories allocate three basic zone types of steppes: other geasses and cereal, the presents (typical), dry (southern).

In metal-genesis the relation into region are enters three ore belts: Altay, Zharma-Saursky, Chingiz-Tarbagataysky that causes rich mineral-raw stocks polymetallic and rare-metal ores.

The main river of The East Kazakhstan region is the transboundary Ertis River proceeding on territories of three states - China, Russia and Kazakhstan. The largest inflows - Buktyrma River, Ulba River, Both River, Kurchum River.

The largest lakes of area - Lake Zaysan, Lake Markakol (reserved), Lake Alakol and Lake Sasykkol. Besides, on southwest Altay there are 350 glaciers a total area of 99,1 sq. km.

The region is located in a southern half of moderate climatic belt for which West east carrying over of air weights is characteristic. The region's territory concerns zones of the moderate and weak humidifying.


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